Buying A Home Is An Adventure.

Let Us Lead The Way.

Our Buying Process

Representation Matters

When you are interviewing agents to handle the sale of your home, or to help you purchase a new one,
make sure you ask them how they will represent you. This is even more important in a hot market. The sale
of your home is likely the largest financial transaction of your life. Hiring someone who can't work for your
singular benefit, is a disservice to yourself. You would never hire an attorney to represent you and the other side,
but that's exactly what you're doing when you hire a transaction broker.


** Please note there are certain transactions where we can't legally offer Single Agent representation.
That will be disclosed and discussed in those circumstances.

During an average work day, we perform 1 transactions every 15 minutes. When this counter hits zero, it means we have performed another one. The next one could be yours.


Price Vs. Payment

One thing we always advise our clients on, is to focus on payment, not price. Many of our clients say " We want to stay under $400,000". But if the purchase price is largely irrelevant. Why? Because if you're financing the purchase, you will do so over a 30 year term. Yet, the average homeowner will sell in the 7-10 years. So, you will never actually pay the full amount. Instead, the monthly amount needs to fit into your budget. If it does, that's what matters.